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Bratislava is popular stag party city with stunning old town where everything is within walking reach, famous by its rich & still undiscovered local nightlife and cheap prices in comparison with other European countries.

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Bratislava City Guide

Bratislava City View

Bratislava is popular stag party city with a stunning old town where everything is within walking reach. The city is famous by its rich & still undiscovered local nightlife and cheap prices in comparison with other European countries. Visit the UFO restaurant which is located on top of a bridge crossing the Danube river and enjoy the amazing views.

Once you get down plenty of exciting activities await you ranging from Tank Driving to Bridge Swinging or even a ski & ice activities in winter. With a typical continental climate the city has warm summers and moderate winters meaning a Stag in Slovakia has its charm during all times of the year.

Although it is the biggest city in Slovakia with a population of about 550,000 the nightlife area is very compact and reachable on foot. But you will find out this definitely doesn't stop it from being a wild city, especially during the night.

Bratislava Nightlife

Bratislava Nightlife

The city truly comes alive at night, especially on Fridays and Saturdays when the bars and clubs are filled with beautiful local women looking to party until the early morning hours.

Prices still remain low meaning that a night out on the town does not necessarily mean you have to go broke. The most popular local nightlife venues are located in the Old Town, within walking distance of each other. This means there is no problem with hitting up multiple during a single night at your Bratislava stag do.

If you are looking for cheap alcohol and a young crowd check out Obchodná street which has many bars that will get you in the right mood. As for clubs head to The Club, Channels, Great or Trafo for a wild night of dancing.

Bratislava Practical Tips

Bratislava Practical Info for Stags

Bratislava has its own airport with several direct links to the UK. However many people choose to fly to the busier Vienna airport which receives nonstop flights from almost all major locations around the world. Vienna and Bratislava are actually the two closest capitals in the world, separated only by less than an hour long car ride. Once you are in the city you can travel by public transport including buses and trams.

While in the city check out some of the most popular Slovak beers, like Zlatý Bažant, Kelt or Corgoň. Also popular in the country are traditional spirits, such as slivovica, borovička or demänovka. The originally Slovak Tatra Tea is now becoming increasingly popular also abroad.

The official language of the country is Slovak and the local currency is Euro. Some useful words you might need include:

  • "Ahoj" = hello/goodbye
  • "Prosím" = please
  • "Ďakujem" = thank you
  • "Jedno pivo prosím" = One beer please
  • "Nehovorím po slovensky" = I don't speak Slovak

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