Table reservation
2 local beers for each person
Two course dinner
Female guide
Duration of the event

2 hours

In which season is event available

Year round

Place where event takes place

Old Town

Typical Slovak meals were created by people living rural life in mountains from the sources available in this region. Preserved due to tradition in sheep farming, potatoes, wheat flour, dumplings, cow and sheep cheese, onions and garlic are the typical ingredients of national food in Slovakia.

The venue is located in a restaurant in the heart of the city - Historic Old Town. There you will have table reserved to make sure you won't end up hungry on the street.

Two course dinner will await for you, so you will have chance to taste everything typical for Slovakia. Of course, you can also enjoy local beers during your meal, two beers for each person.

Our guide will be there with you the whole time so she can tell you something more about the meals and beers and enjoy it with you.

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