Challenge your friends to a race and experience the thrill of a wild ride. The adrenaline is sure to start pumping through your veins as you zoom down the track at full speed in this exciting Go Karting adventure.

Choose between two specially designed arenas. The modern indoor track is closer and it is perfect during the winter. Meanwhile the outdoor track where professional Go Kart cups take place every year is a bit further away but it is perfect for summer days.

Your time will be recorded and displayed with state-of-the art timekeeping technology used in professional races. In this way you can make sure that you actually beat your mate's time.

After a dramatic race it is time to relax with a free beer. A bottle of champagne for the winner is the perfect way to celebrate his victory. Perhaps he can make it up to the rest of the group and invite them for a round of shots later in the night.

Although you will be racing against each other Go Karting is a perfect team-bonding activity that will bring your group closer together.

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