2 hours BDSM show with the stag being pranked
At least two performers who live the dominatrix or slave role in their real lives
Bar on cash basis for additional drinks
Private session
One beer per person
Guide to pick you up, show you to the venue and supervise the entire event
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

Any group size

Duration of the event

3 hours

In which season is event available

Year around

Recommended attire for event
Dress notes

No special requirements, but should the stag have a slave mask, it will look even better on the photos.

Place where event takes place

Venue is on outskirts of Bratislava, taxi ride is needed to get there.

Travel time to the event destination
Travel time

20-35 minutes

Our top prank happens in a BDSM dungeon consisting of several rooms, inclusive a common bar area as well as place with many strange 'toys'.

The dominatrix will have the stag tied up and she will make him suffer a bit, untill he gets his turn with a sexy female slave girl.

The group enjoys the whole humilation show and can take pictures of the venue that you would rarely visit otherwise.

Despite few moments of uncertainty for the stag at the beggining, everybody just loves this two hours show with several people involved.

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