Flying into a new country is already enough of a stressful and tiring experience on its own. Let us save you the problem of figuring out how to get to your hotel and we will make sure you have lots of fun on the ride as well.

Our Limos & Transfers offer a comfortable, safe and stress-free way of getting to or from the airport or even just going for a round through the streets of Bratislava. But they also offer an adventure that you will not forget so easily.

The simplest way to get from the airport is with a pre-booked taxi. On the spot fares tend to be quite overpriced and a driver waiting for you at the airport is just a nice added touch.

With two shooting ranges providing a variety of packages there is something here for all skill ranges. If you are a beginner just looking to try it out you can opt for a smaller package containing the most popular hand-weapons.

For the ultimate luxurious experience hire one of our private Lincoln or Hummer Limousines. Arrive to your hotel like the true superstars that you are.

If you want to turn this into a ride you will never forget use the opportunity to add a stripper on board the Limousine with your party.

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