Private Limousine
Bottle Sparkling Wine (or more bottles for larger groups)
One-way Airport Transfer
Greeting in Arrival Hall
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

Groups above 15 persons will have more limos

Duration of the event

30-60 minutes

Place where event takes place

From (or To) Bratislava Airport

Travel time to the event destination
Travel time

15-30 minutes (depending on traffic)

After your arrival to Bratislava airport, Lincoln, Chrysler or Hummer limousine will wait for you and drive you straight to the entrance of your hotel.

It takes up to 20 minutes to get to the centre and we add a short-round around Old Town to make you enjoy the ride even more while sipping some bubble wine.

The drivers are locals so their knowledge of the city ensures you that you will arrive to your destination in timely manner.

Our limo can take up to 15 persons but if there is more of you, we can provide up to 5 more limousines.

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