Food is not the first thing people think of when planning a Stag weekend but after a long day full of activities it can truly make or break the trip. Make sure you get it right with our selection of Food & Drinks.

We have chosen only the best venues in town which offer top quality foods. These will not only help you regain your energy before a long night out on the town but will also taste amazing.

The perfect option for the first night of your Stag is the Welcome Dinner. It will provide you with a delicious introduction to the city and there is also the option to add unlimited beers!

You can stick to classic Stag tastes and go for the Steak Dinner which is sure to satisfy all the members of your party. If you are looking for something a little more out of the ordinary we offer the Medieval Banquet. Experience the dining of the Middle Ages.

Food also provides a great way to explore the local culture. With the Two Course Slovak Dinner you are sure to taste the best that the country offers.

No matter which option you go for we can guarantee that you will be leaving the restaurant satisfied and prepared to party until the Sun comes out.

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