Tired of going clubbing every evening and spending the night pushing around the crowds? We offer an alternative way to spend a unique and exciting evening - Bratislava Mud Wrestling.

The only thing better than one girl in a swimsuit is two beautiful babes dressed only in their bikinis. And what if we told you that these two girls are going to battle it out right in front of the eyes of your whole group!

Well that is exactly what is going to happen in this thrilling activity. A pool will be filled with mud and the two girls will compare their strength right in the middle of it.

After two rounds of fighting the main man of the weekend will have a chance to join in on the action as the two beautiful babes drag him into the mud along with them. After an exciting third round he will of course get the chance to shower before your next activity.

There is also the option to exchange the mud for the slimy texture of jelly for a sexy and entertaining evening with Jelly Wrestling or even Foam Wrestling.

With music and special lighting effects during each round the Mud Wrestling activity is a perfectly unique way how to party.

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