Just because it's the Stag's special weekend does not mean you have to go easy on him. Prepare a little surprise to put him off track and leave the rest of the group in tears as the main man tries to overcome his confusion.

A perfectly prepared Stag is definitely worth remembering. But something that is remembered even more is when something unexpected happens. That's why we have prepared a range of pranks for you to spice up your Stag.

Prepare your cameras to capture the moment when the main man of the weekend finds out he has been pranked. The look of surprise on his face will be something that you can laugh about for years to come.

The prank starts off just as any other activity during your Stag weekend. Your group will leave for example to the club with the Stag still thinking it's just another classic night of partying. But then it's time to reveal your true colors and intentions.

A classic Stag Do prank is renting a midget to be handcuffed to the Stag in the club. An evening that is sure to produce many memorable moments.

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