Have you ever wondered what it is like to shoot from a real life weapon? There is no better time to discover the thrilling feeling than during your Stag weekend at one of Bratislava's top Shooting Ranges.

With two shooting ranges providing a variety of packages there is something here for all skill ranges. If you are a beginner just looking to try it out you can opt for a smaller package containing the most popular hand-weapons.

If you are more of a professional we still have a unique package that will get your adrenaline pumping. Go for the Military Shooting Package and test out some more high calibre weapons.

As part of the former Soviet republic the Slovak capital provides an authentic environment where to try out weapons like the semi-automatic AK-47 Kalashnikov which was developed by the Soviet army. Shooting at home and shooting in Bratislava simply isn't the same experience.

Safety is our top priority so you will be given all safety equipment and a briefing from a professional instructor prior to shooting.

No matter which skill level you are or which one from the wide selection of packages you will end up going for we guarantee that you will have a blast trying out weapons on Slovak soil.

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