Excited stag about to be launched into the air on the Blob balloon

Blob Jump

Private hire of the blob (30 minutes for groups up to 12 persons; 60 minutes for larger groups)
Round of beer (after the activity)
English speaking tourguide
Two-way transfers with minibus

Bratislava offers plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities on land but despite not being by the sea it also has plenty of exciting Water Sports that will entertain even Stag groups which aren't impressed that easily.

A water sports complex that has hosted many professional competitions just a few kilometers away from the capital offers the perfect opportunity to try out White Water Rafting. Battle against the wild currents as you try to navigate your boat along the canal.

If you are more of a lone wolf than maybe Kayaking will be more ideal for you. Just you and a small boat against the pure power of the water. Try to stay dry for as long as you can.

Moving on to the Danube river here you have the opportunity to try out the unique Hydro Speed activity. Lying in the middle of a rapid stream on a special float and trying to coordinate your direction with flippers is definitely something you don't get to do every day.

A natural lake with a sandy beach within the city also gives you the chance to test your balance the thrilling Water Skiing. Perfect for a hot summer day.

Whichever Water Sport you choose from our wide selection we can guarantee that you will not only have a blast trying it out on your own but also watching the other lads fail when it is their turn.

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